03 January 2010

Down the garden path

There's something beguiling about a shady path, wherever it leads to. We love paths.  We're not keen on steps.

Our path in 2010 is leading to our new home.  It's currently an old timber house on one side of a big block of land. Upstairs is the living accommodation; downstairs used to be stables.  We've got big plans for those stables ...

Deep down the back of the property is a wild garden which needs some love.  On the other side of the block we will build another, smaller house, with many many uses.

This is our journey, our path, to our inclusive home.

1 comment:

  1. Hi I know you begin your journey with hope and that is what you have to cling to --- the hope that you will make the blinkered authorities see the light of universal design for living/playing spaces. Like the cartoon of a snow covered school where there was group of students waiting to enter including a student in a wheelchair -- the groundsman was shovelling the snow off the stairs and the student in the wheelchair said don't forget to clear the ramp too -- the groundsman said I'll do that after I clear the stairs --- another student quickly said --- Hey man clear the ramp first and we can all use it --- universal design for all --- any child can see it what happens to the adults who make the policies? they are blinded by their own muli-layered prejudices which must be and will be broken down. Good luck and we'll watch with interest.