29 March 2010

On our way

Yeah!! Council passed the development approval without changing anything - as they should because everything complied with local guidelines.  

The engineer has sent his invoice, so I guess his job is done :) The builder is rarin' to go. And there's just the building approval to get, which I'm told isn't a drama.  We're getting closer ...

But I have been a bit preoccupied creating this with Tina and Sue:


There's a national election coming up this year in Australia.  And there are 2 million to 3 million people - let's be blatant - voters - who are directly affected by the dire state of disability services in this wealthy country.  The country that managed to escape the worst effects of the GFC.

So there is a Pledge - if you want politicians to fix disability services in Australia, send this Pledge. And ask others to do so. Politicians understand numbers. Especially in an election year.

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